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* CardroomDirect.com is the UKs No. 1 Poker Table Manufacturer

Cardroom Direct is the UK's number 1 poker table manufacturer, dedicated to producing the highest quality, hand built, custom designed poker tables available on the web.

Cardroom Direct is a UK based company located in the Northwest of England, we have been in the industry for over 17 years and have built up a large client base of satisfied customers including Full Tilt Poker, Paradise Poker, Genting Casinos, Gutshot Clubs and Winamax.

Bluff Europe and Flush Magazine are also on our client list, and we are regularly featured in Poker Player Magazine, Gambling Online Magazine and most recently WPT Magazine. Our tables have even been placed in the Big Brother House.

CardroomDirect pioneered the integration of RFID poker tables throughout major casinos not only in the UK but also around the world, see how these unique tables can be installed in your club free of charge by clicking the 'RFID' tab above. Take a moment and browse our Poker Tables to see our wide range of off the shelf tables which in most cases are ready for delivery within a week.

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We pride ourselves in personal service, Our installation managers are available for all the help and advice you might need, just phone us at the factory on +44 7818448304 and we will discuss your requirements and produce a visual of your tables including logo's and custom text within an hour.

Cardroom Direct guarantee the quality of our tables, we will not be beaten on price or workmanship, so whether it's a single table for your home game or a full card room installation when you buy from us you can rest assured that you are dealing with the number 1 poker table manufacturer in the UK. Download the Cardroom Direct Brochure


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Our tables can be found in the following cardrooms:

Genting Casino's Manchester, Liverpool, Liecester, Coventry, Luton, Derby, Birkenhead, Star City, Newcastle, London Mint, Fox Club London, Rainbow Casino Birmingham, Gosvenor Luton, DTD, The International London, or any of numerous Rileys cardrooms, to name a few.

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custom poker tables


The game of poker seems to have gone all high profile all of a sudden with celebrity matches even being played on the television. The proposed ?Super` casino in Manchester will boost the games image further and for players that are passionate about poker it must surely be good news. The game of poker is played on poker tables and casinos will have custom poker tables made. When the ?Super` casino finally opens its doors in Manchester it will no doubt be full of custom poker tables. You might think that poker tables were all the same design but you`d be wrong in this assumption. Manufacturers can make custom poker tables based on a customer`s specific request. The shape of the custom poker tables can vary from classic shapes, to round or octagon specifications. Traditionalist will probably want to play on classically shaped tables but they can brighten up the table`s appearance by choosing a number of vivid colours. A poker player`s home can have one of the custom poker tables installed to their very own requirements. This means they can host games of poker whenever they like or practice a few hands when they are left to their own devices.


poker supplies


All the largest casinos around the world rely on their poker supplies. The game of poker is highly popular in casinos and it needs poker supplies to keep it running smoothly. Casinos can order their poker supplies through leading manufacturers. The poker supplies can include custom poker tables to replace tables that have become a little worn. Poker players don`t want to turn their hand on shoddy types of tables they want to play on good quality baize each and every time. Therefore casinos need to make sure their tables are in top-notch condition and they can order tables through companies that specialise in poker supplies. Traditional types of tables can be ordered in numerous colours and they can fit in with any casino`s theme. Casino grade poker tables from the poker supplies retailer come with baize layouts that certainly won`t wrinkle. Dedicated poker players might want a table of their own to host games on, or to simply practice a few hands. If so, the poker supplies company can provide them with a table that will be more than suitable for their needs. When casino need chips or new types of poker tables the poker supplies team can provide them with top quality gaming accessories.


poker tables


Poker players tend to take their game very seriously and many compete at the highest levels on a regular basis. Walk into a casino and you`ll be greeted with poker tables that have a number of players sitting around them. It`s about cunning and nerve, observation and a spot of luck when you sit down to play poker at one of the poker tables. Vast sums of money can be won when the stakes are high and people can also lose fortunes if luck isn`t with them. Casinos have a number of poker tables within them and customers can have their own poker tables at home. If they want to host their own games then the right setting will be needed and a choice of good quality poker tables will be a must. Casino grade poker tables can be purchased and they can conveniently be delivered to the home. The casino grade poker tables come in a number of specs that will suit a variety of poker players. Some of the poker tables have padded rail surrounds whilst others have cut-outs for the dealer. The baize on the tables comes in many colour options and bespoke designs can even be made.